To Wean or Not to Wean…

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blogged! The month of April was kind of crazy and I kept getting different health problems, and then my in-laws were in town, and then when they left, I managed to get sick again! (or maybe it’s allergies.. who knows… but whatever it is, which I still have, it sucks!) But anyhow, I’ve been meaning to write about weaning, so here it finally is!

The one-year mark was always the goal for me in our breastfeeding journey, and I remember in the early days thinking I’d be happy if I made it to a month, then it was 2 months, than 6 months, and then before I knew it, 1 year was just around the corner. As I started intentionally dropping feeds after A’s first birthday, I liked the new freedom of only nursing 3x a day, and then when I dropped to 2 feeds, I really liked that! I toyed with the idea of keeping both those feeds (morning and night) for a while longer, but decided to drop the night one to give myself more flexibility in the evenings. A took to each dropped feeding like a champ; she slowly started eating more and still nursed at her normal sessions. Suddenly, I was faced with decision to completely wean her. I had dropped one feed each week, so 3 weeks after her first birthday I was done to just the morning feed. That’s when it got tough (for me)! After going back and forth for a while, I decided I was going to keep that feed for at least another couple months, and hope she’d self-wean. After all, I liked that my breastmilk boosted her immune system and the one feeding a day fit our schedule perfectly, since I had to wake up in the mornings for her anyway, and honestly, it seemed easier to just nurse her than have to make breakfast right away. I asked some mamas with older kids about their experiences with self-weaning, and it seemed pretty common that toddlers self-weaned before 2, especially since I wasn’t comfort nursing.

So that was the plan anyways, but a few days later I woke in the middle of the night to go pee… nothing out of the ordinary. But then when I tried going back to sleep, I couldn’t, and then I started getting the strangest cramp in my stomach. I thought surely this was something I should just sleep off, but pretty soon I was having trouble breathing from my stomach contracting. It honestly felt like labor contractions, including back labor… but maybe even worse. After struggling for like half an hour, we finally called 911, and they took me to the hospital. They gave me an IV with fluids and morphine, ran a bunch of different tests, and after a few hours when I was feeling better, they discharged me. So anyways, how does this relate to weaning? Well, I was admitted to the hospital around 3am, and they gave me so much morphine and prescribed anitbiotics that I decided it would be best not to nurse A that morning. Part of me had been panicking about how she would react to waking up to breakfast instead of nursing, so I hadn’t want to drop that last feed. But that morning, we didn’t really have a choice, so Kp fed her breakfast and then brought her over to the hospital after that… and she did completely fine! At that point, I decided I would just completely wean her. In a way, I felt like the decision was made for me, whereas the past few weeks I kept going back and forth between weaning and not.

Now that it’s been a little over a month since I’ve completely weaned, I must say, this is a nice change! I definitely miss the morning snuggles (but nothing a rock in the glider doesn’t fix – although lately she’s not been wanting to sit still for longer than .5 seconds), and unfortunately A got sick almost immediately after we weaned but it’s nice to finally have my body back completely. And the freedom to go anywhere at anytime, and I’m so thankful I can take NyQuil and Sudafed again!





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