Please no more diaper blowouts!

Okay, I’m going to be honest and just say, I’ve never changed a diaper before A was born! And the first time I really watched how it was done was at the hospital, and even then, I didn’t really pay attention. Seemed simple enough, put the diaper under her bum and pull the flap over the front. This worked fine and dandy for the first couple months, but then I started noticing poo spilling out of the back, and poo spilling out the side, coming out everywhere!… and staining her clothes! Maybe this is a common knowledge or common sense that I didn’t have, but I finally figured a way to contain the poop! At least the ones spilling out the side!

Step 1: Open diaper up and put under baby’s bum.


Step 2: Pull those inside edges outwards. Outwards meaning the edges should wrap around her bum nice and snug. ** this was the mistake I was making all along! I wasn’t opening up the diaper enough! This inner edge is what keeps the poo from slipping out the side when there’s a lot of poo!


Step 3: Take baby’s current diaper off, clean with wipes.

Step 4: Pull current diaper out, leaving clean diaper underneath.

Step 5: Fasten the sides flappy things!


Step 6: Roll up the old diaper w/ the wipe inside and toss!


Nowadays, we don’t get poop overflowing from the sides anymore… but it’s still pretty common that poop will come out the back at the top. Anyone have good tips on minimizing that? I feel like every another day I’m having to do emergency sink washing to get the poop stains out! Another (perhaps common sense) tip, don’t leave the poop and hope it washes out in the washing machine! Soak it in water and rub it out with some soap asap. There’s been a few times where she would be wearing something BRAND NEW and the poop would get everywhere and I didn’t wash it out fast enough and now its stained. L BOOO. I’m definitely the only one sad about that though… she’s still happy as a clam!

Hope this helps someone out there! Sure would have helped me! … 5 months ago.

<3, michelle


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