A new season calls for new writings…

Hi there! As I started this new season of life as a stay-at-home mom, I found myself with some extra time on my hands, which seemed to quickly fill up with Netflix and scrolling on Facebook. Hence the idea to start writing!

I’ve written here and there in the past, mostly about my travels and one of my favorite hobbies: doing hair, but it was easy to run out of things to say, since unfortunately I can’t be traveling all the time and also don’t have that much to say on hair. But, enter baby, who I will refer to as A, and I found myself in this whole new world where things are constantly changing and I feel like I have so many different thoughts about it! Hopefully the struggles and the triumphs I’ve encountered will encourage you and help you regardless whether you’re a new mom, a soon-to-be mom, never-want-to-be-a-mom, or just someone who wants to journey with me!

I’m super excited to share this adventure with you, and bear with me as A was born in March, and now it’s almost the end of July, but I’ll be doing some backtracking before I start moving forward again!

Until next time! – michelle

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