Joint family trip to Hawaii!

This past week, we were able to go on a trip to Maui with Hester and Harold and their son, H! I absolutely love traveling and one of my fears when A was born was that we wouldn’t be able to travel anymore. While yes, it’s true, traveling looks very different with a baby in tow, as long as my expectations aren’t the same as pre-baby traveling it’s just as fun!

Up super early to catch our flight!
Up super early to catch our flight!

While we have flown on a plane with A before, the flight to Maui was 5 hours which makes it a different ballgame! Since A’s waketimes are only 2 – 3.5 hours right now, it seemed logically that she would have to nap on the plane. The flight there, we took an early 7am flight, and that was hard for her. She wasn’t too tired from the day yet, so she ended up only take a 40 minute nap on KP after being away for like 4 hours! And then on the descent, I started nursing her to help with the change in pressure and she fell asleep for the last 15 minutes. The flight back was a lot better as it was a late afternoon flight, close to her bedtime. I nursed her on takeoff, and she ended up falling asleep and slept for half the flight! Score!


Napping on Daddy.. which never happens!
Nursed to sleep… A special treat for her!

The flight attendants were so nice on our flights. So far, I’ve only had wonderful experiences, but I forgot to mention last time on our flight to Seattle, I got such a wonderful flight attendant who came up to me and gave me a bottle of water and said she totally understands what I’m going through and just ring for her if I needed anything else! There really is some sort of comradery amongst moms! This time, on Alaska, most of the flight attendants were male, and all of them wanted to give A wings. We also scored some chocolates! Anyways, the 5 hour flight wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and even though we packed some toys for A, all she wanted to play with was the pack of pretzels and any water bottles I had.

The other big worry I had for our trip was how A would sleep at night. The weeks leading up to our trip I was feeling a bit anxious. With daylight savings coming to an end, and then going on our trip a few days later, I was worried that A would be all over the place with her naps and sleep. We had bought a Kidco Peapod Plus for her to use there since we didn’t want to bring out bulky pack ‘n play, and while we’ve been trying it out here and there for her naps, we weren’t sure how’d she do sleeping in it for 4 nights. We decided to just go with whatever happened and it wasn’t too bad! A ended up waking up at 5am the first day, and we decided since we weren’t going to be there for that long to just let her keep her “California” schedule… she knows it too well! (5am in Maui is 7am in California). We ended up just putting her to bed at 5pm everyday and she’d wake at 5am. That when we came home, we didn’t have to do another transition.  And as we were staying in a condo with Hester and Harold it was perfect since we could take turns staying behind to “watch” the kiddos.

Play area in our condo for the kiddos!

I must say Hawaii was a great place to take babies to! It’s funny because I remember when Kp and I got married, I had never been to Hawaii and didn’t really care to go, but with his visa we weren’t allowed to leave the country we decided to go to Hawaii on our honeymoon. 3 years later, we’ve been 3 times now… Hopefully we’ll be back when A is a bit older, for but babies (A was 8 months and H was 5.5. months), it was great! It’s low-key enough that we didn’t feel like we were missing out on doing lots of exciting things so they could nap, but exciting enough to constantly have things to do when we wanted. I’m sure when they are a bit older it will be a completely different experience as they’ll be able to ‘play’ more, but in the meantime, a little vacation for us is just what we needed!


I have a list of places we loved when we were there! Look out in the next few days for those recommendations!


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