First Family Vacation!

Ever since A was born, Kp and I have been contemplating when and where we should go on our first family trip. Somewhere not too far but far enough where we feel like we’re on vacation. We thought about doing a road trip down to LA, with stops in Carmel, and San Luis Obispo near the end of Kp’s paternity leave, but right around that time, we bought a little condo and it was kind of crazy moving and everything so we didn’t end up going anywhere. When my sister, Hester, and my brother-in-law, Harold told us they were going to Seattle in August, we decided to follow them there. Hahah. Yes, I’m the little sister! As the trip grew closer, part of me was super excited since I love traveling, but part of me was also kind of dreading it, since I had no idea how A would handle the plane ride or even sleeping somewhere new. I’m happy to report, we all had a great time and I feel so much better about being able to travel now! I think I have a tendency to think of the worse case scenario… with A’s schedule completely falling apart and her having epic meltdowns and then Kp and I suffering as a result, but she did really well!

A few things I learned on this trip about traveling with a baby:

  • Don’t let the fear of ruining baby’s naps stop you from going out and doing things! When we’re home, a lot of times I prefer to stay at home with A so she can have her full naps in her crib, but on vacation there are so many things to see and things to eat, I didn’t want to miss out so we just napped A on the go. I did feel slightly bad since she was looked kind of tired throughout the trip, but she did really well with napping in the car seat, and napping in the Ergobaby carrier, and still slept through the night!
Looking a bit tired..
Looking a bit tired..
  • You don’t need as many diapers as you think! (I don’t know if this will always be true, but we way over-catered on our diapers…) I calculated that since at home I typically change her diaper 5- 8 times, I would bring 10 diapers each day to be on the safe side. And since we were going for 4 days, I’d need 40, but then I decided to bring more extras in case… Not sure what I was thinking though since I already included extras in the daily calcuations. We brought a whole pack (about 60) and only ended up using about 20! I realized that we changed her diaper a lot less when we were out and about. Poor girl was sitting in her pee for so much longer than normal, but hey.. that’s what diapers are for!
  • Wearing baby is so much easier than strolling baby, especially in people dense places. We took a food tour at Pike Place and we are so thankful we decided to wear A, even though it was a 2 hour tour. There would have been no way we would have been able to keep up with the group! Even around museums it was just easier to maneuver with A in the carrier. And A fell asleep in the carrier for the first time ever! She typically only likes napping in her crib and the car seat, but when we were walking around and it hit a bit after her naptime, she conked out on me.
Passed out in the ErgoBaby
  • You don’t need to carry around much for the baby! A was a bit over 5 months during our trip, so she doesn’t need snacks or sippy cups, and we don’t have to worry about entertaining her with any toys. I actually didn’t even carry my diaper bag around and just threw a few things into my backpack. Some burp cloths, diapers, bibs, a change of clothes and we were good to go!
  • Make sure baby has something to suck on for take-off and landing. A lot of people told me this prior to our trip, but I learned that take-off and landing doesn’t necessarily mean when the plane actually takes off/lands on the runway. A nurses pretty quickly now, and the popping sensation we get in our ears doesn’t usually happen until the plane reaches a certain altitude anyways, so if I started nursing too quickly, she would be done before the pain set in from the altitude change.
Getting ready for takeoff!
Getting ready for takeoff!

We definitely weren’t able to do as many things as we normally would if it were just Kp and I, but we had a great time at the places we did go.

  • A trip to the new Seattle Facebook office. It has some pretty sweet views overlooking the water.
  • Pike Place. Thanks for Hester and Harold, we did a food tour that hit up some of the best shops there! I honestly was a bit overwhelmed with the marketplace when we got there early and walked around ourselves, but the food tour was great! Super insightful and we got to try some really good food!


  • Got to see my college friends Lauren and Ben, and hung out in Fremont (hahaha). Seattle is super hilly and I definitely got my workout walking up to see the troll. Walking with a 16 pound baby strapped to you is no joke!


  • Up to the top of the Space Needle. Super touristy, but it was such a clear day the views were awesome!


  • Chihuly Glass Musuem and Garden. Pretty cool art!


My favorite foods:

– Taylor’s Shellfish and Oyster Bar. So, I absolutely love oysters and not having it while pregnant with A was killer, and honestly I haven’t had any oysters in the Bay Area I love. But the oysters here were SO good. Drool. And the clam and mussels steamer (pesto style) was even better!

– Ellenos Greek Yogurt. Such a dense buttery yogurt. I’m not a fan of watery yogurts and this is the furthest from watery I’ve ever had!

– Pike Place Chowder. I love clam chowder, and the one here was probably the best I’ve ever had. Apparently it’s won awards (so many it was banned from the competition after a few consecutive wins) on the East Coast where clam chowder is a big deal.

– Paseo Cuban Sandwich. Okay, so we went here because of the hype around the place, and yes it was good, BUT I must say it was a little over hyped for us.

So that pretty much sums up our trip and I’m so glad we decided to go! I am way more confident to travel with A in the future and I don’t feel like we can’t travel just because we have a baby. Now… where should we go next!?


<3, michelle



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