My essentials for a trip out with baby!

It was recently Kp and my 3rd anniversary and this year we decided to do low-key gifts. Since I’ve become way more practical with my shopping the past few months, I decided I wanted a backpack. Actually I’ve been searching for a backpack for a while now, but nothing really stood out to me. But I finally found it!


It’s from Kipling, and is water resistant and super lightweight – a huge plus now that I have way more things to carry around. I actually have an actual diaper bag from Kipling that I also love and that one can carry TONS of things, but I was searching for something I could carry around if I wasn’t using the stroller or just for a quick trip out. After a few months of stocking my bag every day, I’ve found a happy balance of the essentials for a short trip out w/ A.

What are the essentials for me for a short trip?


  1. Change of Clothes for A: Since it’s quite warm right now, I’ll just grab a onesie in case she poops all over the one she’s wearing. If we’re out all day, I’ll usually bring 2 outfits as well as a cardigan in case it gets chilly.
  1. Burp Cloths: A is super drooly right now, so these are mostly for that. The past couple months she’s gotten way better about not spitting up, but before when she was constantly spitting up, we’d go through like 15 burp cloths a day… hello laundry 3x a day! Now we just need a couple for a trip out and a couple bibs as well.
  1. Wipes: I love this Huggies Clutch and Carry Wipe Pouch! I used to carry around a big pack of Pamper Sensitive Wipes (they’re my favorite to use), but now I can just refill this pouch with a small stack of wipes.
  1. Diapers: I used to carry TONS of diapers whenever I went out. Now, especially for a short trip out, 3 is plenty. 1 is probably enough as well, but to be on the safe side. If we’re going out for the whole day, I find that 6 is more than enough.
  1. Water: I am seriously like a camel… and especially since I’m nursing, I feel like I should always be drinking water. I love this Swell bottle though because it keeps my water cool (or hot).
  1. Diaper Bags: Honestly any disposable bag will do, but I like these ones with the container. It’s easy to find in my bag, doesn’t get bunched up all funny and these bags smell fresh. There are some times where I don’t see a convenient trash can for A’s diapers, so I just put it in one of these bags, tie it up and put it back in my bag until we get home. Another tip: perfect for poopy clothes or burp cloths with spit up.
  1. JJ Cole Diaper Clutch: I actually got this just for this backpack, so I could have a bag to put diapers in and a portable changing pad. Skip Hop also makes a super cute diaper clutch (honestly, I think cuter than this one) but I had a look at the measurements and that one would be too big for my backpack, so since I’m trying to go light, the smaller the better! Turns out though, I quite like this one. There’s only one section of the foldout diaper pad that is padded (for the head), which makes it much thinner when folded together. There’s a little pouch that can hold a couple diapers and a slot of the wipes.


She approves!
  1. Chap Stick: … Because my lips are always SOO chapped. I swear by this Carmax one! There’s been brands I’ve used in the past where I feel like I’m constantly reapplying, but with this one, I really only use it a couple times throughout the whole day, and I’m good to go!
  1. Hand Lotion: … Because omg, my hands are also always SOOOO dry.
  1. Hand Sanitizer: There’s probably no explanation needed for this one. My sister recently gave me this little one from Bath and Body Works though, and I think it’s so cute… if it’s possible for hand sanitizers to be cute…

Wow! When I write this all out, it seems like such a long list and so many things! But it all fits compactly in my new bag! I feel like it makes me look super young though…the other day someone asked me if I was A’s babysitter. -_- But I still love it! Thanks Kp!


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