Airport Tips, traveling with a baby

Fresh off our trip from New York I jotted these down, and have finally gotten a chance to revisit and finish this post up! Hope it’s somewhat helpful…

(btw, that photo above isn’t me… LOL. didn’t have one with A at an airport, but I DID have one with my sister and her)

  • Baby wear. We heard this a lot, and in the previous trips, we’ve always wore A through the airport, but this time we decided to bring an umbrella stroller which we were planning to gate check. Since we’ve never gone through security with a stroller before we didn’t really know what to expect, but we decided to try it. We naively kept A in the stroller thinking we could wheel her through the check, but apparently you have to fold up the stroller, put it through the conveyor belt and carry the baby through. No wonder people say to wear your baby through security! On the way back, we went back to baby wearing, and just pushing the stroller with our stuff in it through security. We still had to fold it up, but there wasn’t the stress of having to take A out, fold it up and put it through the belt, with a bagillion eyes watching.

  • Stay seated / walk around with baby before boarding time. Children under 2 and their parents get priority boarding (on Southwest, it was after the first group, but the other airlines have been before the other groups) so there’s no point in waiting in line under your group number. Just make your way to the counter and let them know you’re travelling with a baby and they’ll tell you to wait at the front and they’ll board you first when they’re ready!
  • Bring a small pack of disinfecting wipes! Airplanes are so gross, and I’m not sure how often they disinfect things, but better safe than sorry, especially if baby is always touching things and then sticking their hands back in their mouth. We were lucky this time our United plane was one of their new models, and it was so nice!! But I still wiped everything down (the back of the tray, the tray, the seat back the tray folds up on, the video screen, the armrest!!, and in hindsight I should have wiped down the seat belt buckle too!) and felt much better about letting A touch everything.
  • Buy a bottle of water before boarding the plane / or fill up a water bottle! It always nice to have water to drink and to be able to fill up a sippy for baby. We ran out of time before boarding on our flight to New York and I asked the flight attendants for some water, but all I got was a measly cup of it! On previous flights they’ve been happy to fill up my bottles, but for some reason they only gave me a cup this time… Sure I could have asked for more, but it’s better to just have your own bottle!
  • If you’re nursing or pumping, check for a Mamava! They’re little private pods that you can nurse in! Newark Airport had it and apparently a bunch of other airports / locations have them as well. Unfortunately SFO doesn’t… but here’s a list of locations that do 🙂

Any other helpful tips you’ve discovered traveling with kids?? We have a few trips we want to take this year, so any tips are welcome!!

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