About Me

Hi, I’m Michelle! In March 2016, I became a mom to a baby girl, who I refer to here as A, and it seems like my world has flipped upside down! Well, not really. Most things are still the same, but I have a little human to tend to 24/7!

As I started a new season of life as a stay-at-home mom, I found myself with some extra time on my hands that seemed to be wasted away with Netflix and scrolling on Facebook. Hence the idea to start writing!

Here’s just a few things about me that i’m sure you’ll become familiar with as you follow along with me on my blog:

  • I have the greatest, most supportive husband. His name is Kp.
  • I’m a Christian and I hope my lifestyle reflects my love for Christ.
  • I love ice cream and cookies! Actually, I love anything sweet…! Well, to be honest, I love eating! I’m not the ¬†best cook, but I’m working on cooking more and definitely baking more!
  • I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. I’ve run a couple marathons and a half-marathon before, and it’s my goal to run another half within the next few years… But exercise is always for me either a all-in or none at all sort of deal. Got to work on that..

I’m excited to share this adventure with you, and I hope the struggles and victories¬†I’ve encountered will encourage you and help you regardless whether you’re a new mom, a soon-to-be mom, never-want-to-be-a-mom, or just someone who wants to journey with me!